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Customer-centric and One-stop Marketing Service

We provide one-stop services for mobile precision marketing and mobile integrated marketing, mainly including marketing planning, creative design and production, and the establishment and optimization of advertising plans. And through the company's self-developed AI big data products to enhance customer experience and marketing promotion ROl, so that every budget of customers can be maximized.
Mobile Precise Marketing

Mobile Precise Marketing

It is suitable for advertisers who strive to obtain new users of products and services in a cost-effective manner within a time period.
  • Fans Growth
    Fans Growth
  • Product Exposure
    Product Exposure
  • Increase Sales
    Increase Sales
  • Increase Traffic
    Increase Traffic
Mobile Integrated Marketing

Mobile Integrated Marketing

It is suitable for advertisers to consolidate and increase their market share, enhance brand awareness, improve corporate image and discover brand value.
  • Establish a Brand Image
    Establish a Brand Image
  • Increase Brand Exposure
    Increase Brand Exposure
  • Promote Brand Popularity
    Promote Brand Popularity
  • Event Marketing Planning
    Event Marketing Planning
Mobile Marketing Advertising Form
Short Video Ad
Short Video AdDonson cooperates with elite short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou to ensure that customers' short video advertisements are displayed on the best resources.
Feed Ads
Feed AdsExisting media relations ensure that our native ads can reach high-quality social media and content communities
Social Advertising
Social AdvertisingThe social advertising solution guarantees reaching 1 billion social users and connecting high-quality media resources including WeChat, QQ, and Douyin
Display Ads
Display AdsDonson's display advertising program puts image and video ads on high-quality cross-media platforms such as Guangdiantong, WeChat, Toutiao, and Douyin

Reasons for Choosing Donson Marketing

  • 01
    Big Data and AI Algorithms
    Big Data and AI Algorithms
    To meet the needs of customers in multiple scenarios, it uses the company's MarketingDesk products to conduct marketing and promotion in domestic head media for medium and large customers, and to enhance ROI for customers through the technical empowerment of SaaS products.
  • 02
    The company always adheres to the customer-centric value concept, which is closer to the client in the mobile marketing value chain, and aims at maximizing the value of customer marketing promotion, providing customers with end-to-end mobile marketing solutions
  • 03
    Operation Service Center
    Operation Service Center
    Based in Shenzhen, radiating across the country, it has built a network of 22 localized operation service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other key cities in the country, equipped with more than 200 professional distributors, and has a content and creative team composed of nearly 150 people to provide customers with personal expertise Marketing services.
  • 04
    "Iron Triangle" Service Model
    "Iron Triangle" Service Model
    Relying on the company's unique "iron triangle" service model, it quickly responds to and understands customer needs, and with the help of MarketingDesk's technical empowerment, it provides customers with a full range of heavy marketing services.

Service Model

Quickly respond to customer needs through the "iron triangle" service model, and provide customers with a full set of marketing services

Marketing Upgradation
Strategy Making
Platform selection
According to the needs of customers and target groups, the advertising platform is selected, such as Guangdiantong, Huge Engine, Kirin Magic Calculation, etc.
Media collocation
According to the brand, product attributes and customer budget, select the matching media, such as Tencent, iQiyi, Toutiao, etc.
Slot selection
Match the ad space appropriately to the audience and budget.
Audience targeting
Choose keywords such as core words, brand words, and long-tail words that match the target audience to maximize the acquisition of the target audience.
Bid strategy
Market traffic, return data, and maximize exposure through dynamic bid optimization.
Effect Optimization
Diversified Creative Customization
Solo oral broadcast, value content, product display, etc.
Six Short Video Shooting Bases
There are professional video production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Haikou and Hefei.
Standardized and Efficient team
The production team can produce more than 18,000 short videos every month
Strong Creative Strength
The material has various forms, demanding material requirements, and abundant hot-trend elements.
Creativity Production
Multi-advertising Plan
Create multiple advertising plans for the same client entity and within the same advertising account, and then target different variable factors accurately to carry out plans.
Full-process A-B Testing (material/orientation/placement/landing page)
Material testing is conducted for 1-2 weeks based on variable factors such as layout, crowd, and material category. High-quality materials are prior to be iterated to continuously supplement high-quality ideas.
Data Analysis
According to the KPI-oriented overall control of the release rhythm,to real-timely monitor the release data and to analyze scientificly and effectively.
Real-time Optimization
To optimize by attribution, locate and solve problems found, as well as control cost and ROI.

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