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Intelligent User's Portrait Tag Systems for a TOP Novel App

Users' Portrait
Users' Portrait
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Intelligent Marketing
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Machine Learning
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AI and Big Data

Project Background

With the disappearance of Internet dividend net service industry encountered growth bottleneck. How to keep acquiring new users without increasing the cost too much has become a common dilemma for all social app products. In 2018, a leading company in the Internet service industry spent as much as 10 million yuan on advertising and marketing in the whole year, and only obtained 50W user tags and 28W downloads, which was significantly lower than the business growth target.



Three core elements of marketing:

1. How to obtain customer traffic-The marketing insight function of MarketingDesk can use existing data and algorithms to help companies find target users in the largest range and select the most suitable traffic from media resources.

2. How to improve the conversion rate-using the creative insight, marketing index, and Performance data analysis functions of MarketingDesk, with the AI and big data analysis technology, to solve common problems in the process of traffic contact, creative production, and data analysis for customers, then ultimately effectively improve the corporate conversion rate and GMV.

3. How to continue brand loyalty -- MarketingDesk's cloud CEM management function helps enterprises realize a complete set of marketing data management system from data access, data connection, data analysis to data precipitation and data application, helping enterprises realize the digital transformation of marketing. In-depth insight into the voice of consumers, to help brand owners optimize user experience and enhance user engagement.

The donson marketing cloud MarketingDesk perfectly fits the 5A marketing theory, helping companies realize the full life cycle management from multi-channel drainage and high-efficiency conversion to cultivating customer stickiness.


Project Outcome

Eastcom has equipped a professional operation team for the project, and adopted the industry-leading SaaS based operation mode, integrating the functional modules of MarketingDesk into the pre-investment, in-investment and post-investment management of each marketing project, and promoting the application of marketing digitalization in the industry through the whole link, which has achieved remarkable results in 2 years. The large number of data models accumulated have established a solid foundation for the digitization of marketing, enterprise upgrading, business opportunities acquisition, market development and other aspects of the enterprise:

1. Obtain 3 million user-oriented keywords in the online novel industry, and a total of 1.7million video creativity and copywriting inspiration;

2. Establish more than 50 material template libraries and more than 60 landing page template libraries;

3. Obtain 700,000 marketing data of competing products and more than 20 peer-to-peer data models;

4. Optimize the management of the originally opaque and extensive advertising operation team into a visual, transparent an scientific management system;