Donson Marketer Lie Xu: Launched "Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing" to explore new ways of introducing the traffic in private domain

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There is no doubt that e-commerce live broadcast has "hit the time" nowadays. More and more brands are starting to flood the tide of e-commerce live broadcasts, hoping to achieve sales growth with the help of e-commerce live broadcasts. 

Faced with this trend, donson Marketing took the lead in launching the "Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing" strategy, relying on its 17 years of experience and technology accumulation in the industry to provide brand customers with a combination of brand marketing, traffic conversion, and sales promotion. Through e-commerce live broadcast, it helps brands build private domain traffic while selling goods for them on short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, allowing brands to establish a more intimate connection with consumers.

Xu Lie, Senior Vice President of Donson's Integrated Marketing Business

"E-commerce live broadcasting is becoming branded and regularized!" said by Lie Xu, the senior vice president of Donson's integrated marketing business. In 2020, affected by COVID-19, e-commerce live broadcasting has become a "life-saving straw" for many entity industries. Today, the COVID-19 has been effectively controlled, but e-commerce live broadcast has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of people and has become an important marketing method that major brands cannot ignore. In the future, e-commerce platforms will pay more attention to the competition for merchants and the shaping of their own brands, and at the same time they will use new forms of live broadcasts to compete for users.

Faced with the continued popularity of live e-commerce, mobile marketing companies are changing the situation. 

The rapid development of e-commerce live broadcast in 2021 is still lasting. Take "Shopping Day: 618(June 18th)" as an example. According to the data from May 25th to June 18th, the total duration of Douyin e-commerce live broadcast rooms reached 28.52 million hours. During "618", the group with the largest number of new users on the platform was born after 2000, an increase of 392.1% year-on-year. Followed by the post-90s group, an increase of 225.9% year-on-year; In Taobao live broadcast, more than 20 live broadcast rooms whose sales reach over 100 million yuan appeared during the "618" period, the number of anchor service merchants has increased  by 122% year-on-year and the number of goods for sale has increased by nearly 121%, too.

In this case, more and more brands are starting to flood in the e-commerce live broadcast track. At the same time, with the deepening development of e-commerce live broadcasts, brands have become more rational. They no longer only focus on e-commerce live broadcasts on the transaction volume with goods, but also hope to strengthen brand awareness, to build consumers's trust through the channel of e-commerce live broadcasts, and then ultimately achieve the three-in-one goal of "Brand, Advertising and Marketing". 

In the face of changes in industry, mobile marketing companies also need to follow the trend, that is, constantly adjust their business around the changes in advertiser needs, continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and bring integrated and professional services to more customers. As a leading domestic mobile marketing company, Donson Marketing Technology has always had a keen sense of market trends and actively adjusted its communication strategies and directions to provide customers with better mobile marketing services. The same is true for e-commerce live broadcasts. During the epidemic last year, Eastcom began to experiment with a new model of live broadcasts. After more than a year of exploration, Donson has formed a complete e-commerce live broadcast service system--the "Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing".

At present, e-commerce live broadcasts often only focus on bringing goods, but ignore the brand and its effect. This approach of only focusing on immediate benefits is undoubtedly unscientific and will not last long. The launch of Donson’s “Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing” aims to change this current situation, allowing advertisers to effectively turn public domain traffic into private domain traffic when the e-commerce live broadcasts sell goods, and strengthen consumer recognition for brands in private domains, and then realize the synergy of the three aspects of "Brand, Advertising and Marketing". 

It is reported that Donson currently has three major e-commerce live broadcast plans for operation: professional proxy broadcast services, cooperation operation services with KOL and other channel operation services to meet the live broadcast needs of different brands. Relying on professional service capabilities, the Donson's e-commerce live broadcast team has successively served many well-known brands in the industry, such as Alipay, Jingdongjingxi, MINISO, Pinli, and Bear Electric. Also, it has successfully created a series of successful cases. Taking the "618: To Play with the Times" as an example, the total sales of the "618" special live broadcast by Donson and Lexin reached up to 1.8 million+. 

Innovative marketing methods to enhance interactive experiential consumption 

With the in-depth development of e-commerce live broadcast, people have also put forward higher requirements for e-commerce live broadcast--they expect to better interact with the host in real time during the live broadcast, enhancing their sense of participation, and thus to get a better shopping experience in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Xu Lie believes that in the era of e-commerce live broadcast 2.0, not only  the quality of branded products must be excellent, but also must brands continue to innovate marketing methods, attract users with richer content forms, and bring users better interactive consumption, thereby enhancing the stickiness between consumers and brands. 

Shopping experience often directly determines whether consumers will place orders in the live broadcast room. To this end, the Donson's e-commerce operation team has made efforts in the areas of hot products, brand promotion, shopping guides in selling point, and product services so as to strive to bring consumers a better shopping experience. Taking the selling point shopping guide as an example, the operation team will dig out the interesting and core selling points of the product on the basis of in-depth experience of the product, such as the product's appearance or the differentiated advantage of the cost performance compared to similar products, so that the product can impress consumers at the first time, triggering sales. 

The conversion from traffic contention to "traffic save"  

At the moment when public domain traffic is becoming increasingly scarce, turning public domain traffic into private domain traffic has also become a compulsory course for brand marketing. But the reality is that in the process of deploying private domain marketing, companies are facing layers of challenges, and many companies have not really revitalized private domain traffic. How to effectively convert public domain traffic into your own private domain traffic and then achieve a long-term connection with consumers has become a brand new thinking. 

This is also one of Donson's major advantages. Donson has focused on mobile marketing for more than ten years, especially in social media for the new generation of interactive marketing, event marketing, and integrated marketing. These experience can be all applied to the field of e-commerce live broadcast, which is not available for various MCN agencies and other e-commerce live broadcast participants. 

Lie Xu said: "Our advantage is to give full play to our experience in integrated marketing for brand customers for more than ten years to conduct private domain traffic operations for live broadcast brands." Only by transforming the traffic in the live broadcast room into private domain traffic can the fans flow in a steady way. The conversion from traffic contention to "traffic save"--the operation of private domain traffic can even feed back the e-commerce live broadcasts, that is, the customers can be attracted to watch on the live broadcast platform to promote customer consumption, thus forming a virtuous circle. 

At the same time, unlike e-commerce live broadcasts that rely on private domain traffic within the platform, Donson's strategy is to adopt a video number matrix method to carry out interest-oriented e-commerce live broadcasts on platforms such as Douyin to accumulate private domain traffic for brands. At the same time, combining user attributes, brand and product characteristics and other multi-dimensional data for in-depth matching, to achieve more precise "person-to-goods matching", thereby achieving a higher conversion rate and repurchase rate than traditional e-commerce. 

It is reported that Donson’s “Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing” strategy this time relies on live broadcast platforms such as Taobao, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu to open up post-marketing links such as brand communication, consumption conversion, and user accumulation. In a short time, consequently, it will achieve a two-way breakthrough in both sales and user accumulation. 

Concluding remarks: 

Live e-commerce is re-deconstructing the brand's e-commerce marketing logic. More and more brands use live e-commerce as a standard for marketing. However, with the further disappearance of traffic dividends, the competition of e-commerce live broadcast will become more intense. To successfully break through it, it is necessary to continuously enrich the new gameplay of e-commerce live broadcast, so as to better adapt to the needs of consumers. It is foreseeable that in the next era of e-commerce live broadcast 2.0, enhancing the interactive consumer experience will become a major direction for e-commerce live broadcast. And Donson’s “Integrated Service of Brand, Advertising and Marketing”proposal, the way of building a private domain through e-commerce live broadcast will undoubtedly cater to the needs of the brand, and will also lead the pace of e-commerce live broadcast innovation.

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