Donson Marketing's One-stop Intelligent Advertising Management Platform "the Bridge of Magpie" 2.0 is online

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On September 24, the launching ceremony of Donson’s "the Bridge of Magpie" 2.0 was successfully held in the Joint Headquarters Building of Shenzhen High-tech Zone. The new version of Donson's product "the Bridge of Magpie" -one-stop intelligent advertising management platform was officially unveiled.

As a marketing technology company, this is another important measure taken by Donson to fulfill its corporate mission of "Applying technology to make marketing simple, efficient and interesting" following the marketing cloud SaaS-MarketingDesk in recent years.

Technology empowerment is the common goal

The company's chairman & CEO Liu Yang delivered a speech at the launching ceremony of the Bridge of Magpie, announcing that the the Bridge of Magpie 2.0 system was officially launched and put into use, and expressed:

The company's chairman & CEO Liu Yang▲

"The official launch and use of 'Magpie Bridge' 2.0 is of great value in improving the efficiency of operational creative advertising, the quality of service provided to customers, and the improvement of corporate customers' ROI. This is an important practical milestone in the Donson’s mission journey of “Applying technology to make the marketing simple, efficient and interesting”.

"At the same time, I am very grateful to the R&D team for 113 days and nights, as well as the strong collaborative support of the business departments during this period, to have today's product tool that is endowed by technology--the birth of the Bridge of Magpie, to which the company expresses its warm congratulations."

Donson has successively released products such as Lomark and MarketingDesk, and has built an industry-leading technology research and development team with strong technological innovation capabilities. The company's scale has also expanded to nearly 1,500 people with the continuous growth of the industry.

As a one-stop intelligent advertising management platform, "the Bridge of Magpie" is used to help creative design, advertising, and operation optimization, enabling the personnel to save tedious and repetitive communication and processes. It is an advertising management tool that greatly improves work efficiency.

The "SaaS Tool Matrix" strategy is ready to emerge

With the completion of the research and development of the “Bridge of Magpie”, Donson's "SaaS Tool Matrix" strategy is ready to come out, which could provide a full range of technical empowerment for advertising operators and marketing industry practitioners. Through technical blessing and tool empowerment, “Bridge of Magpie” will help marketers achieve the double-effect improvement of "effect + efficiency".

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