Donson SaaS Demonstrated the Way to "Stand Out" in Marketing in the AI Era

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According to PR Newswire, with the arrival of the digital economy, companies have entered a wave of digital transformation. In particular, the advancement of new infrastructure such as 5G has accelerated the pace of digital upgrades for enterprises. The digital economy brings new momentum and new challenges to brand owners. Brands no longer only retain consumers in the traditional way, but also more follow the changes of consumers digitally, thereby precipitate users.

According to a survey by the China Advertising Association, 69.3% of advertisers in China had a higher digital marketing budget in 2020 than 2019, and 23.1% of advertisers had a more than 50% increase in their digital marketing budget.

As one of the earliest marketing technology companies in China that advocated and committed to the R&D and application of MarTech, Donson has become a leading mobile marketing service provider in China by virtue of its deep understanding of the TMT industry and digital marketing, as well as senior trading experience.

In 2021, MarketingDesk, a marketing cloud independently developed by Donson, won the "Best Big Data Marketing Platform" award at the 15th Jinrui Marketing Awards.

Big data Cloud Platform Promotes Marketing Digitization

The era of explosive growth brought about by our country's mobile Internet taking advantage of the demographic dividend has come to an end, and the stock competition pattern of the mobile Internet industry has shifted from extensive to refined operations.

According to CNNIC data, in 2020H1, the proportion of mobile Internet access in my country was as high as 99.2%, and the demographic dividend was almost saturated. In such situation, the injection of AI technology would bring huge potential and disruptive growth opportunities for the mobile Internet ecosystem.

AI technology has been applied to the mobile Internet on a large scale. From the epoch-making transformation of information distribution to the prosperity of short video outlets, the continuous expansion of the boundaries of the mobile marketing field has also made advertisers even more embarrassed by the improvement of product efficiency.

The latest view of Kotler, the father of modern marketing, believed that "the essence of marketing is a series of business principles that drive enterprises to achieve organic growth". To achieve organic growth, digital tools that disrupt traditional business formats with technology have become the core engine of growth under the background of information over-loaded and the fragmentation of users's usage habits.

The core of SaaS is to reduce costs and increase efficiency, reducing the loss of profits from ineffective delivery, and effectively resolving the disadvantages of traditional marketing techniques.

By means of deeper cloud, big data, AI and other digital technologies, SaaS technology helps advertisers improve the efficiency of marketing management and operations, and lays the foundation for the development of marketing cloud.

On the one hand, in the data dimension, to a certain extent, it breaks through the barriers of platform islands, provides advertisers with more effective customer acquisition value, and makes various services have been iteratively upgraded. On the other hand, relying on the technological advantages in the field of AI and big data, practical problems such as "integrated placement", "precise value evaluation of traffic" and "effective keyword positioning" in marketing scenarios can also be more optimized and solved.

Marketing SaaS allows "technology + creativity" to jointly drive precision marketing

As the marketing 3.0 era and the new era of artificial intelligence have begun simultaneously, new technologies, new business formats, and new models have been continuously integrated into industrial innovation. People have high hopes for artificial intelligence to respond to traffic shortages and create user growth. Also, they are constantly trying to use AI artificial intelligence to upgrade the industry, to personalize each consumer, achieve precise marketing, and then improve the return on investment ratio. The development of big data has further strengthened the effect of Internet advertising precision marketing.

Donson's self-developed one-stop intelligent marketing cloud "MarketingDesk" opens up the delivery end and optimizes the operation end, which can help advertisers realize the improvement of the ability on the entire marketing link, from the information collection, cross-platform marketing index analysis, intelligent recommendation of marketing strategies, selection of creative materials, cross-platform cost comparison, and analysis of the optimal delivery strategy before launch, to the data attribution analysis after launch.

In the future, artificial intelligence related algorithms will have more and more application scenarios in the marketing field, and AI technology will change or even drive the marketing journey in the next 10 years. Donson has been deeply involved in the marketing industry for 17 years. It has built a solid foundation of high efficiency and excellence in the field of mobile marketing, and has long-term cooperation with traffic ecological partners to create a strong engine that empowers win-win results with technology.

Standing at the forefront of the digital wave, Donson continues to increase the development of SaaS products in the fields of big data, AI algorithms and other fields with the practical spirit of "not indulging in imagination and reputation", and has consistently promoted the high-quality development of mobile marketing industry as a leader.

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