Successful Case|Donson with Golden Seed Wines's marketing case won the "2021 7th Golden Sycamore Classic Case Award"

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On June 24, 2021, the 7th Golden Syncamore Award-Mobile Advertising Creative Festival was held in Shanghai. This grand ceremony covered more than 50 industry forums, all grand prize PK and awards ceremony, centered on the theme of "Long-term Benefit.Non-stop Growth", with sharing the cutting-edge views, practical experience and innovative thinking of the marketing industry. Also, the "Golden Sycamore Award", as a model of the mobile marketing industry, various awards on mobile marketing were awarded at the ceremony.

After multiple rounds of review by more than 100 expert judges, the case of "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast" co-operated by Donson and Golden Seed Wines stood out from nearly 2,000 works and successfully won the "Golden Sycamore Award" for Classic Cases in Social Marketing. As the industry's first sharing platform focusing on mobile marketing, the "Golden Sycamore Award" has won this award for the "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast", demonstrating its strong strength in the field of mobile marketing.


Weiwen Guo, Chairman of the Jury of the "Golden Sycamore Award", delivered a speech: Excellent works under the background of the mobile Internet have firstly the characteristics of scenes, and secondly the connection of values. The brand is not a symbol, but a kind of internal values and spirit, which can be continuously conveyed to the users to deeply linkg with them. Finally, there is creativity. Based on insight, creativity that allows users to generate interactive awareness can create excellent works.

This is exactly the consistent branding concept in the Spring Festival marketing case of "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast" in cooperation between Donson and Golden Seed Wine. Let's take a closer look at this classic case this time.




Rising Proportion of Young Consumers + Chinese New Year in Situ

According to CBNData's "2020 Youth Group Drinks Consumption Report", in 2020, the post-90s/95s are the only people whose consumption proportion has increased in the alcohol consumption market,of which liquor has an unshakable leading position in the alcohol expenditures whose proportion far exceeds the popular fruit wine and beer.

Facing younger consumers, white wine brands need to make some changes in brand image and product power to meet the needs of young consumers, and at the same time need to mobilize active patrons.

In 2021, due to the spread of the COVID-19 on the eve of the Spring Festival travel, the six ministries and commissions jointly proposed the "New Year in situ" policy. This undoubtedly disrupted the market communication rhythm of a large number of brands at the same time. A large number of creative ideas and materials need to be adjusted. Brand marketing has entered a "Window period". 


Due to this, Spring Festival marketing has become an important advertising opportunity that can be seized by fast-reacting brands.

This case of cooperation between Donson and Golden Seed Wines used the new strong interactive advertising form of mobile new media to deepen the brand's influence at this hot time, the New Year. At the same time, it efficiently reached users, achieve total exposure, promot sales conversion, handing over a suprising result.



Dig Deep into User Needs in the Chinese New Year Scene


With the help of Golden Seed Wines's exclusive title of "Master of Chinese Anhui Cuisine" program produced by Anhui TV, the brand IP was established combined with its's tantalizing fragrant products, the "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast" brand theme event launched on the eve of the Spring Festival. And then the traffic was attracted online to Jingdong, achieving sales conversion.

Aiming at the peak consumption period of Chinese New Year white wine, H5 conveyed the corporate mission of "Ingenuity Brews for a Better Life" through the interactive brewing process. Passing this value and spirit to consumers won the high recognition of consumers.


In addition, H5 and Weibo topic marketing activities, such as Interactivity in Tantalizing Fragrant New Year Feast, Lucky Beast Live Broadcasting to Bless, and Guessing Lantern Riddles Online on the Lantern Festival, displayed the professional, warm and interesting brand image of Golden Seed Wine, which is in line with "Tantalizing Fragrant", a  tonality of the Golden Seed innovation category. Through this interactive language, it is more conducive to cutting into the social interaction circle of young consumers, and meanwhile, activating patrons.


And here is a marketing detail specifically for the "Chinese New Year in situ" policy-extended user needs in the Spring Festival scenario. Whether it's the interaction H5 of Tantalizing Fragrant New Year Feast, Lucky Beast Live Broadcasting to Bless, and Guessing Lantern Riddles Online on the Lantern Festival, or creating hot topics, both guided the majority of netizens #Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast# to participate in interactions under the New Year's Eve dinner and reunion dinner on Weibo topics. All of these was the creativity that sprung from deeply diging into new user's need points in the context of the epidemic, and based on user's emotions and the marketing of New Year greetings online.


The brand launched an interactive game design around the New Year's greetings, through ①generating delicacies and blessings according to your own tastes, and sharing them with friends; ②simulating the live broadcast of Lucky Beast's New Year’s greetings; ③drawing the lanterns to guess lantern riddles to win gifts and other major forms to attract users to participate. This novel and lively way was highly interactive and effective to stand out in the fierce competition of "homogeneous information" in the Spring Festival marketing of many brands, establishing the emotional connection between users and the brand as well as the users' stickiness with the product.


The theme series of activities continue to deepen and fission. Through the early creative insights to improve the visibility and market influence of the product, it has a deep connection with consumers, and then guides product sales at the end of each creative design. The concurrent promotion method has achieved effective conversion-the total number of advertising exposures is 218 million (far exceeding the promotion target KPI of 160 million), and more than 5.76 million effective clicks have been completed.



Optimizing a comprehensive marketing atmosphere for head media resources

The preferred form of head social media + audiovisual + information + tool media implements the advertising strategy of "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast" through H5 game interaction, Weibo topic interaction, and the Weibo famous voice in a linkage.

1. In the early Spring Festival, releaseing themed event information on Moments, Official Accounts, WeChat Pay's Details Pages and WeChat Mini Programs.

2. During the Spring Festival consumption peak, through the brewing process H5's interesting scenario in Moments of Friends, Toutiao, Tencent News, Tencent Video, Youku and other channels, targeted customers can understand the brewing process and selling characteristics of the product, and then establish a trust foundation with brand. To show the value of brand products, and then converse it into orders.

3. With the help of hot topics such as celebrating the Spring Festival, celebrating reunion, and sending blessings, in the Moments of Friends, Today's Toutiao, Tencent News, Youku, iQiyi, Weibo and other communication media, through "Tantalizing Frangrant Feast" H5 interactive games and Weibo interaction for reunion dinner, hot search exposure on Weibo topics, the Weibo famous voice in a linkage, and information flow advertisements, it deepened its brand influence. Its social sharing is strong, and fission is rapid.

4. In the late Spring Festival, through Guessing Lantern Riddles Online on the Lantern Festival, H5 interaction, in the form of novel and lively game to attract users to participate in the Moments of Friends, Toutiao, Tencent News, Youku, and iQiyi media platforms.

Through the above analysis of the main points, it was not difficult to see that this case is very attached to the three characteristics defined by Weiwen Guo, the chairman of the Golden Sycomore Award's review, on the three characteristics of excellent works-scene, value connection and creative.

As a special carrier in Chinese culture, liguor has always been the bond between the Chinese people to express their emotions. Donson and Golden Seed Wines have a deep insight into the reunion minds of the Spring Festival people, providing consumers with a warm and interesting expressive window, and interactive scene as well.

In the era of new media, brands should also pay more attention to in-depth communication with consumers while expressing themselves. The "Chinese New Year, Tantalizing Fragrant Feast" combined with the current young gameplay, not only touched people with affection, conveyed the warmth of reunion, but also expressed the brand concept from the small. The brand connotation of "ingenuity brews for a better life" was very cleverly combined with the needs of consumers, and it was naturally in place to seize the minds of users.

Even during the Chinese New Year festival, the case has used practical actions to create a series of social marketing activities involving all people. Through creative OGC and UGC content models, it broke the single advertising form of traditional liquor brands and put aside the brand status to "play" with Consumers, and then successfully brought an emotional linkage from brand to user, injecting new vitality into the wine industry, which can be regarded as one of the classic cases of wine companies's "breaking circle" marketing.

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