AI Big Data Empower Mobile Marketing
AI Big Data Empower Mobile Marketing
One-stop, full-cycle, cross-media, cross-device mobile marketing cloud SaaS product
Highlight Functions

Product's Highlight Functions Make Marketing Easier

Intelligent Marketing Management, Efficient Optimization Results
Marketing Insights
Big data marketing insight: (1) Intelligent analysis of the core intention of marketing, push relevant quality content; (2) Analyze the behavior intention of target users to locate accurate information flow user groups; (3) User portrait keywords precisio
Creative Insights
Creative inspiration engine: (1) The whole network high-quality video creativity, help short video creation; (2) High-quality picture recommendation, provide graphic creation inspiration; (3) Excellent and popular copywriting, facilitating content operati
Marketing Index
Insight into marketing trends: (1) Industry market trend analysis, grasp the new trends of the industry; (2) Analysis of channel media details index, timely adjustment of marketing platform; (3) Daily version data tracking analysis, to obtain more traffic
Performance Data Analysis
Data depth analysis: (1) 200+ data dimension analysis, help refine digital marketing; (2) Coverage of key media data in China and integration of multi-type data; (3) User behavior path and event analysis, mining user growth point; (4) User life cycle data
Promotion Activities Management
Intelligent advertising system: (1) one-stop collection of mainstream head media platform advertising system; (2) One account can easily execute, adjust and monitor multiple AD programs across multiple platforms; (3) Set parameters in the intelligent adve
Marketing Insights
Creative Insights
Marketing Index
Performance Data Analysis
Promotion Activities Management
Value Proposition

MarketingDesk's Unique Value Proposition

Your Desktop-level Marketing Brain
Continuously Improving Mid-and-long-term Value of SaaS Products
MarketingDesk has attracted 4W+ registered users after its launch, and strives to become a professional open mobile marketing desktop PaaS platform in the future.
Significantly Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency
Automate data collection and real-time data analysis deal with the customer's account management on multiple mobile platforms and data analysis on thier manual input and output.
Data Accumulation and Iteration Bring Massive Material Strategies
Hundreds of millions of business' data and tens of millions of content materials,the ability to collect a wide range of third party and platform specific data, achieving higher customer ROl returns.
Powerful Data Analysis Capabilities to Gain Insight Into Marketing Effects
Big data analysis and automatic selection of potential intent words are carried out through NLP, PPMI and other technologies to facilitate scientific data marketing decisions.
Product Advantages

Simple, efficient, and industry-leading marketing cloud products

More Authoritative More Authoritative
More Authoritative
The product integrates donson's nearly 20 years of practical experience in the digital marketing industry and MarTech technology, uses big data analysis technology to more accurately locate the target group for users, embeds machine learning technology, and continuously improves its algorithms and technical modules through analysis of actual experience .
More Efficient More Efficient
More Efficient
Assist enterprise marketing personnel to quickly acquire mature plan ideas, establish a standardized marketing action system, reduce the cost of trial and error; Support one unified account to manage promotion activities on multiple media, to achieve one-stop marketing management.
More Comprehensive More Comprehensive
More Comprehensive
MarketingDesk uses proprietary NLP technology to continuously filter, clean and classify public information on the whole network. Assist customers to make informed decisions and optimize operations in the whole process before, during and after mobile marketing services through practical functions.
Product Architecture

MarketingDesk-Intelligent Marketing Cloud with Big Data

Product Architecture

MarketingDesk, Your Desktop Marketing Brain