Donson, UFIDA and Tencent were on the TOP20 of the "2021 Artificial Intelligence SaaS Enterprise Rankings"

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Recently, the authoritative media "Internet Weekly" under the charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, eNet Research Institute, and Deben Consulting jointly released the "2021 Artificial Intelligence Classification Rankings".

Donson provided customers with a SaaS-based one-stop all-round mobile marketing solution through the marketing cloud SaaS-Marketing, which has been greatly recognized by the Chinese Internet and IT industry, and has been ranked TOP20 in the 2021 artificial intelligence SaaS enterprise rankings.

Pioneer of SaaS-based Mobile Marketing Model

Since its establishment, Donson has been committed to the research, development, innovation, application and promotion of MarTech, and to provide customers with high-quality mobile marketing services. It is a pioneer in advocating and being committed to the development and application of SaaS-based mobile marketing models in China, guilding the development trend and direction of MarTech in China.

On the one hand, MarketingDesk empowered mobile marketing services through practical functions, improveing service quality and optimizeing marketing operations and effects. On the other hand, users of mobile marketing services and SaaS products provided MarketingDesk with real-time marketing data, enabling it to conduct data mining and optimize its own algorithms and functions while accumulating.

The synergy between MarketingDesk and mobile marketing services not only enabled Donson to reach new customer groups and a wider range of industries, but also through data digging and rapid accumulation to form effective marketing strategies to promote the mutual transformation between the customers of mobile marketing service and the users of SaaS product, continuing to create value for them and enrich the mobile marketing ecosystem.

Powerful Marketing Cloud SaaS Technology Empowerment

The marketing cloud SaaS-MarketingDesk independently developed by Donson is based on big data analysis technology and proprietary AI algorithm model. It is currently one of the few in China that can provide customers with one-stop, full-link, cross-media and cross-device mobile marketing Service mobile marketing SaaS products.

With its huge marketing database, advanced analysis tools and algorithms, and a comprehensive and easy-to-use combination of functions, MarketingDesk provides a large amount of marketing information intelligence data to help its customers make more informed decisions and optimize the efficiency of marketing activities, enhancing the overall customer experience, realizing powerful marketing technology empowerment, and accumulating valuable operational data and information assets.

As artificial intelligence continues to bring new development opportunities to SaaS, Donson insists on driving mobile marketing with big data AI, accurately having insights into consumer needs, and comprehensively advanceing at a steady pace to bring excellent technology and innovative product experience to more companies seeking digital transformation, contribute scientific and technological power to the economy and society, and continue to empower and inject new impetus.

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