Donson won "2020 Huge Engine Channel Annual Service Breakthrough Partner" to give full play to the backbone of marketing!

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In 2020, the huge engine channel released its annual service breakthrough partner. Donson was on the list, giving full play to the backbone of marketing and continuing to deepen its influence in the industry.

Annual Service Breakthrough Partner

Recently, the Sales Management Center of Huge Engine Channel announced the list of 2020 excellent channel partners. Donson was committed to one-stop service of mobile precision marketing and mobile integrated marketing, from strategy customization, creative output, to effect optimization, providing medium and large brand customers with effective marketing growth, and was on the list of "Annual Service Breakthrough Partner" in the huge engine channel!


Focus on Deep Industry Cultivation and Services

Donson focused on the deep cultivation and services of the digital marketing industry. It used market and competitive product surveys to formulate advertising strategies with customers on the huge engine, multi-product platforms, such as Toutiao, Douyin, and Watermelon Video, with the help of creative scene-based videos and dynamic materials to get high-quality traffic.

And it implemented a multi-advertising plan, full-process A-B testing, conduct a comprehensive attribution analysis of the placement data from the perspectives of media, advertising locations, materials, and audience groups, and then optimized in real time to help upgrade the brands and business models of TOP customers in major value industries. The brand's main marketing content was efficiently reached and penetrated, and finally transformed and precipitated.

Promote the Construction of Digital Marketing Ecology

In the future, it will continue to leverage its experience in marketing services and the advantages of big data technology, join hands with huge engines to grow together, collaborate with advertisers to build brand barriers, create an efficient marketing system to promote digital marketing and industry ecological construction, that is, using technology to make marketing simple, efficient and interesting!

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